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Building on the Bear


Bear Markets are the best markets, they allows us time to think, to build, to get bags of our favorite undervalued crypto coins.

So, on that mindset, I have decided to (finally) open my own crypto blog.

I hesitated with this decision for many months, sometimes because I thought that having your own web2 website was not necessary, with the proliferation of web3 blogging platforms, or that building an audience is hard as it is, so better to stay in platforms that already have users, instead of starting from scratch.

However, I have now reached the conclusion that having a website is necessary, and even adds a level of resilience to my web2 social media activity.

So, here you go, this is the first post on this new phase of my crypto career, a journey that started on August 22, 2019, so three years ago already.

My first article, the main idea is that Brave is better than Chrome.

Here is a not-exhaustive list of things I want to have neatly organized over here:

  1. White Papers
  2. White Papers with my own Commentary
  3. Tutorials geared towards crypto beginners
  4. Technical reviews of crypto code with commentary (I will hire the competent people for this)
  5. Lawyerly analysis of crypto projects
  6. Original content crypto memes
  7. Crypto Video Essays

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I am a crypto anon that loves to study crypto, which I am convinced that is one of the most important philosophical, social and technological breakthroughs of this century.