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4 Life Lessons That We Can All Learn From Satoshi Nakamoto


If you are into crypto, you have heard his name: Satoshi Nakamoto. This elusive figure that many regard as one of the most important figures of this century, that published a white paper pseudonymously in a random internet forum, with that piece of actionable knowledge becoming as influential as if it had been published in the most prestigious academic journals of the planet.

Although many aspects of his life had been discussed, I think one that is often neglected is how Satoshi's life can provide a guide for us to improve in our daily lives.

For that reason, I have gather some of these lessons for you.

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Is not about the money, is about the impact

Sometimes people can't see the forest for the trees, so they think that money equals impact, but if you have ever seen a millionaire on television you would quickly realize how false is that premise.

Money is a tool, and money can be convenient, but money doesn't turn you into Aristoteles.

You need to be able to say something of value to the world, to imagine bold projects, and be able to understand how to get there. THEN, money can help you greatly.

But even if you get to contribute without ever cashing out a single sat, is okay.

Because impact matters more than money.
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Is not about the fame, is about the ideas

Similar to the previous points, many people get stuck on the effects instead of worrying about the causes, sometimes you can ask a person, what are their ultimate goals? and they would tell you, without blinking, that they want to "Become Famous"

Okay, famous for what reason? Famous based on what merit?

Notoriety has been so thoroughly divorced from merit than we know have people that become famous precisely because they have nothing to offer to the world, some of these people are not even funny, with many wondering "Wait, why this guy is famous to begin with?"

Focus on bringing great visions to life. Will new cities into existence. And fame is basically inevitable.

BUT, even if fame never arrives, or death catches you first. It doesn't matter.

Because an idea worth spreading, an idea worth injecting into society, is more important than getting recognized at the airport by people who haven't read your white paper but claim to be "your biggest fan"

TBH, kind of glad that Satoshi never dealt with such shallow types.

Privacy is fundamental

Just think about it, after more than a decade, with thousands of journalists, government officials from around the world & many other entities searching for Satoshi's legal identity we still have nothing solid.

This is the longest running doxing attempt and probably the hours and money spent on such an endeavor are off the charts, can you say that Satoshi was careless after that masterclass in opsec?

Massive respect, period.

Trust is overrated

For millennia we have relied on trust to build bridges, nations, businesses, families, etc

We grew accustomed to assume it was absolutely crucial, the piece without which nothing but savagery & anarchy would follow.

But look at us, working and grinding, transacting billions of dollars every day on all the different cryptos.

The majority of that being done in a trustless manner.

What an epic lesson to all of us. Human-to-human trust is not the only way to organize human labor & capital.

What do you think about these 4 life lessons? Do you think there are others that can be gleaned from the known body of work of Satoshi Nakamoto? Let me know your thoughts via twitter.

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