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30 Reasons why the USA's attack on Privacy is Wrong, mistaken, bad, evil, wicked, immoral, iniquitous, reprehensible & crooked


Okay, here we go, 30 reasons why the USA’s government attacking privacy through lawfare is disgusting.

  1. Because Privacy is a natural right.
  2. Because Privacy is necessary for a civil society.
  3. Because Privacy is the means we use to protect against tyrants.
  4. Because Privacy fosters freedom.
  5. Because Without Privacy we are vulnerable to all sorts of attacks, both from the government, and from others.
  6. Because Privacy enables the use of other rights, such as the right to property, etc
  7. Because Privacy is a natural right.
  8. Because Privacy Is important, especially to the most vulnerable.
  9. Because Privacy is crucial to be able to oppose unjust governments.
  10. Because Privacy is necessary to protect against our enemies.
  11. Because Privacy is only eliminated for the underclass, with the elites still enjoying it.
  12. Because Privacy is a natural right.
  13. Because there is nothing wrong with having privacy.
  14. Because Privacy is neutral, not intrinsically evil.
  15. Because Privacy is the default state of nature between two humans when they meet for the first time.
  16. Because Privacy is sometimes the only tool some have to exercise freedom.
  17. Because the whole US Government knows that privacy is fundamental for its daily operations, as shown by the extensive use of the govt category called: “classified documents“
  18. Because The US Government is one of the most corrupt entities of this century.
  19. Because the US Government is not to be trusted, especially due to its criminal track record.
  20. Because due process demands that privacy can only be breached if there is a reasonable cause for it.
  21. Because the US Government has many times attacked its own citizens.
  22. Because the US Government has committed war crimes without flinching in multiple continents.
  23. Because the US Government is basically a police state.
  24. Because Privacy is fundamental in order to maintain the political neutrality of crypto networks, especially long term.
  25. Because Privacy is already extensively used outside of crypto.
  26. Because Privacy is necessary to run the Postal Office.
  27. Because Privacy is literally the goal we want to achieve when we wear clothes.
  28. Because Privacy is the default expectation when putting belongings into a storage unit.
  29. Because Privacy limits hostilities amongst competing groups & nationalities.
  30. Because Privacy is a natural right

Privacy should not be feared, limited, curtailed, destroyed or eliminated from society, for the reasons mentioned above, and especially if such a destroyer and enforcer of who deserves privacy and who doesn’t is such a criminal entity as the US Government.

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